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The Stefano Varese Collection

The Stefano Varese Collection contains books on Mixtec and indigenous peoples of Latin America.

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The Irene and Jorge Garcia Collection

The Irene and Jorge Garcia Collection consists of more than 3,500 books, pamphlets, videos, and music CDs.  The collection focuses on Chicana/o Studies and includes titles on Pre-Columbian Indigeonous Peoples, Latin American literature and culture, bilingual children's books, art and music, California and Ventura County history, and more.

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WorldCat and InterLibrary Loan

If you cannot find anything through the OneSearch Catalog, search items worldwide using WorldCat. Use InterLibrary Loan to request books that Broome Library does not own.  You can also check the status of your requests from their page.

OneSearch Catalog

The OneSearch Catalog allows you to search for items at Broome Library and across the CSU system.


Aztlán: A Journal of Chicano Studies

An interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal with essays in the humanities, social sciences, and arts.

El canto de los delfines: Revista de literatura y arte

This CI open access journal publishes creative fiction and non-fiction work, and visual arts.

Latino Studies

An international, interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal aimed at advancing Latina/o scholarship, research, and dialogue.

Voces: A Journal of Chicana/Latina Studies

A journal published by Mujeres Activas en Letras y Cambio Social (MALCS), an organization of Chicanas/Latinas and Native American women working in academia and the community to support Chicana/Latina and Native American women's issues.


Alt-Press Watch

Newspaper, magazine, and journal articles from alternative and independent presses.


Contains publications including journals, books, bulletins, and newletters in anthropology.

Ethnic News Watch

An interdisciplinary, bilingual (English and Spanish) database of newspapers, magazines, and journals from ethnic, minority, and native presses.

Gender Watch

Contains scholarly journals, magazines, newspapers, and other publications that focus on gender issues.

Global Road Warrior

Contains information on international trade and logistics, international travel, country culture, language, and cartography.

HRAF Archaeology

Provides documentation on prehistoric cultures organized by archaeological traditions and regions. Sources include books, journal articles, and dissertations.

HRAF World Cultures

A cross-cultural database containing information on the cultural and social studies of human behavior and society.


Contains journal articles from the humanities, social sciences, and sciences.

Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts (LLBA)

Contains international literature in linguistics and related disciplines in the language sciences.

Scholarly vs. Peer-reviewed

Scholarly journals contain articles written by, and addressed to, experts in a discipline. Scholarly journals present the research of experts in a field, although these journals also often carry opinion pieces or even advertisements unique to the field addressed by the journal. Publication cycles vary for scholarly journals, ranging from yearly to monthly but most frequently they are published bimonthly (every other month) or quarterly.

Peer-reviewed journals (also called refereed or juried journals) send submitted articles to one or more experts for review before deciding to publish them. This review process helps ensure that published articles reflect solid scholarship in a field. Most often, the experts reviewing an article make critical comments on the text, comments that the author must incorporate into the article before its publication.

While not all scholarly journals are peer-reviewed, it is usually safe to assume that a peer-reviewed journal is also scholarly.

Translation & Language Web Resources


English-Arabic Glossary of Political, Legislative and Legal Terms

English-Arabic Glossary for Medical Terminology



English-Chinese Glossary for Financial Terms and Acroyms

English-Chinese Glossary of Information Technology Terms

English-Chinese Medical Translation Guide

English-Chinese Food and Drink Words and Phrases



English-French Glossary of Culinary Terms

English-French Glossary of Financial Terms

English-French Legal Vocabulary



English-Spanish Educational Language Glossary

English-Spanish Financial Terms 

English-Spanish Dictionary of Common Computing Terms

English-Spanish Dictionary of Health Related Terms

English-Spanish Political Science Terms

Engish-Spanish Food Terms

Real Academia Española

Academia Mexicana de la Lengua

Academia Norteamericana de la Lengua Española

Fundación del Español Urgente

El País


Multiple Languages

English-Spanish-Chinese Glossary of Educational Terms

Educational Glossaries (includes Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, and more)

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations Term Portal

Contains glossary of commonly used food and nutrition terms in Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, and more. Download the ICN2 Glossary or search their terms from this page.


Terminology database of the World Tourism Organization in Arabic, French, Spanish, and more.

Word Reference

Language dictionaries.


Dictionaries at Broome Library


These books are available at Broome Library. Books located in Reference are library-use only; books located in Stacks can be checked out.

English-Arabic Dictionaries

English-French Dictionaries

English-Chinese Dictionaries

English-Spanish Dictionaries




Instant Chinese: How to Express 1,000 Different Ideas with Just 100 Key Words and Phrases


Oxford Business French Dictionary

Pocket Oxford-Hachette French Dictionary


Dictionary of Economics and Business, English-Spanish

Dictionary of Mathematics, English-Spanish

Dictionary of Political Science and International Relations, English-Spanish

Oxford Business Spanish Dictionary

Pocket Oxford Spanish Dictionary

Wiley's English-Spanish Spanish-English Chemistry Dictionary


Other Translation Resources

E-Books from Broome Library

From the Classroom to the Courtroom: A Guide to Interpreting in the U.S. Justice System

Game Localization: Translating for the Global Digital Entertainment Industry

Interpretation: Techniques and Exercises

Professional Issues for Translators and Interpreters

Scientific and Technical Translation

The Global Translator's Handbook

Theatrical Translation and Film Adaptation: A Practioner's View

Translation and the Law

Translation and Medicine 

Newspaper Articles

Acceda Noticias

Access World News

Hispanic American Newspapers, 1808-1980

Japan Times Archive

La Opinión (Archives) and La Opinión (1992-present)

Latin American Newspapers, Series I, 1805-1922

Latin American Newspapers, Series II, 1822-1922


ProQuest Newsstand


Broome Library Digital Collections

Broome Library's Institutional Repository contains digitized campus documents and digitized items from the library's archives and special collections. You can also browse all collections or Broome Library's digital collections.


Southern California Chicano Cultural Collections

An umbrella under which you will find resources relating to the Chicana/o experience in the Gold Coast, Los Angeles, Southern California, and the United States.

Chicana/o Art and Artists

Images of art created by Chicana/o artists.

Con Safos

Con Safos is a journal created by Chicana/os commenting on the experience of being Chicana/o in the United States. Consists of poetry, essays, cartoons, and drawings.

EastLos Muralismo

Images of murals in East Los Angeles, some of which no longer exist. Visit our HistoryPin page to see the mural images overlaid on a Google Maps view of the present-day location.

Irene & Jorge Garcia Chicana/o Studies Collection

Dr. Jorge Garcia led the Chicana/o Studies Program at CSU Northridge and donated his book and journal collection to Broome Library. 

Dr. José Alamillo Chicana/o Studies Collection

Dr. Alamillo, coordinator of the Chicana/o Studies Program at CI has identified primary and secondary sources that relate to Ventura County's Chicana/o History.

La Voz de la Colonia

La Voz de la Colonia was a Spanish language newspaper published in Santa Paula, CA. Currently, Broome Library has digitized and posted issues from 1928-1932, with more to come.

Latino Museum of History, Art, and Culture

Contains documents and images pertaining to the history of the museum. Exhibition catalogs, documentation on the Los Four exhibit, and oral history transcriptions are also available.

Dr. Jennie Luna Chicana/o Studies Collection

Dr. Luna, Faculty in the Chicana/o Studies Program at CI, drew from her personal collection of primary and secondary sources representing the Chicana/o experience, with particular attention to Northern California.


Images of the Mechicano Art Center.

Southern California Chicano Cultural Collections General Entries

A mix of images and documents related to Southern California Chicana/o history.

Bittersweet Harvest: The Bracero Program 1942-1964

Bittersweet Harvest was the name of the Smithsonian Institution traveling exhibit hosted by CI, and is the moniker to which we assign all Bracero related research materials. You will find oral histories, images, and text relating to the Bracero experience in Ventura County and the United States.

Primary Source Databases

American Indian Histories and Cultures

Manuscripts, artwork, books, speeches, and diaries dating from the earliest contact with European settlers to photographs and newspapers from the mid-20th century.

China, America, and the Pacific

Texts, images, correspondence, newspapers, and maps documenting the trading and cultural relationships between China, America, and the Pacific region between the 18th and early 20th centuries.

Confidential Print: Latin America

British Foreign and Colonial Office documents covering Central and South America, including the non-British islands of the Caribbean, from the 1820s to the 1960s.

Medieval Travel Writing

Late medieval manuscripts, illuminations, and maps documenting journals to Central Asia and the Far East.

Newspaper Articles - Websites

El Clarín (Argentina)

El Comercio (Perú)

La Jornada (México)

El Mercurio (Chile)

El País (España)

La página del idioma

Media at Broome Library

Video Databases

NBC Learn - Current Events En Español


A non-profit educational organization that re-transmits television programming from around the world in native languages.


Music and Movies

CDs and DVDs that can be checked out at Broome Library.






Literature & Culture Web Resources

Las Venas Abiertas de Amèrica Latina by Eduardo Galeano

An electronic book on culture and civilization of Latin America. 

Ciudad Seva

A website with poems, drama, and short stories.

Biblioteca Digital Hispánica

The National Library of Spain website for digital collections.

Instituto Cervantes

"The Cervantes Institute focuses primarily on the linguistic and cultural heritage that is common to the countries and peoples of the Spanish-speaking community."

Centro Virtual Cervantes

"Created and maintained by the Cervantes Institute, the Cervantes Virtual Center (CVC) offers matierials and services for Spanish teachers, students, translators, journalists and other professionals who work with the language, as well as for Hispanists around the world, and for anyone interested in the Spanish language and culture."

Journal of Latina/o Psychology

" The Journal of Latina/o Psychology is committed to publishing scholarly writing on research, practice, advocacy, education, and policy relevant to Latino communities. The journal publishes empirical, theoretical, methodological, and applied research."


Foreign Language Associations

The American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese

"The American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese promotes the study and teaching of the Spanish and Portuguese languages and their corresponding Hispanic, Luso-Brazilian, and other related literatures and cultures at all levels of education." 


American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages

"ACTFL is dedicated to the improvement and expansion of the teaching and learning of all languages at al levels of instruction. ACTFL is an individual membership organization of more than 12,500 language educators, students and administrators."


The Modern Language Association of America

"The MLA is a leading advocate for the study and teaching of languages and literatures and serves as a clearinghouse for professional resources for teachers and scholars." 


SCOLT - Foreign Language Associations

Southern Conference on Language Teaching (SCOLT) compiled this list of "important groups, associations, and organizations that provide resources and leadership for the advancement of research and study in the area of foreign language."

Authors, Texts, Bibliographies, Criticism and More

Biblioteca Virtual Cervantes


Biblioteca Virtual Mundo Hispano